the workshop method


Nest & Story writing workshops are warm, inviting spaces where we can take creative risks safely within a supportive community. Think not scary. Think mason jars and beeswax candles. Think homemade brownies and a hot cup of tea. Most importantly, there are other people just like you -- people working to bring creativity back into their lives, building radiant personal writing practices brick by brick, workshop by workshop. 

My workshops follow this simple philosophy:

1. Whether we’re absolute beginners or Pulitzer Prize winners, we all bring something unique and valuable to the group.
2. The writing in this room is confidential. We don’t speak about it outside of this room. We also operate from the assumption that everyone’s writing is fiction, which allows us to focus our attention on the writing itself.   
3. When we respond to fresh writing, we provide positive feedback only. When a writer brings in work from home for manuscript review, we provide truthful, balanced, respectful feedback. 

This philosophy is inspired by the Amherst Writers & Artists Method, the University of British Columbia's creative writing MFA program, and my own experience as a facilitator. Read love letters from past participants here.