Love Letters

I have had absolutely incredible feedback from your event at Brant St. Everyone was a buzz with it, whether they were part of the event or just in the store. Thank you for your incredible expertise.
— Alicia Archbell, Customer Experience Manager/ Field Events Leader, Indigo Books & Music
Thanks Jaclyn and Maeve for the wonderful workshop. You created a safe, nurturing and judgment-free space to explore creativity - and offered so many helpful resources for creating an authentic and successful blog. And that lunch - YUM! I would highly recommend your workshop for both aspiring and established bloggers. I’m inspired and educated…and ready to write. Thanks again!
— Lori, The Blog Studio Fall 2016
Thank you so much! So inspirational and fun... I got so much out of this workshop and really enjoyed the writing aspect as well as the blogging presentation.
— Emily, The Blog Studio Fall 2016
The workshop was very supportive and encouraging. A great way to get the creative juices flowing. A++ food!
— Sara, The Blog Studio Fall 2016
Thank you for a most enjoyable blogging time today. I learned so much — all within a warm, friendly, and supportive environment. The time just flew by. BEST snacks and lunch I’ve ever had at a workshop!
— Kim, The Blog Studio Fall 2016
Birds of a Feather allowed me to rediscover my creative writing voice after more than a decade of wanting to come back to it. Jaclyn created a safe setting in which to explore, share, and receive positive, constructive feedback. After this eight session workshop, I’m feeling inspired!
— Anna, Birds of a Feather Winter 2017
Jaclyn has a vibrant personality and creates a warm, safe space to get your creative juices flowing. Thanks Jaclyn for an amazing eight weeks!
— Sonya, Birds of a Feather Winter 2017
The writing prompts worked their magic as intended! This was an excellent writing group, inspiring me to write more and to be more creative. While attending, I came up with new ideas for my own writing, as well as some insight as to how my style might be received by readers.
— Lee, Birds of a Feather Winter 2017
I love the format of these classes — get you in an element you’re comfortable in (without being pushy) and the structure of getting feedback from other participants really draws you out of your shell.
— Nastasha, Birds of a Feather Winter 2017
I loved the positive atmosphere you created. A very encouraging place to keep your writing spark going. Birds of a Feather is a great way to start writing again or keep your writing fresh!
— Sam, Birds of a Feather Winter 2017
Gorgeous, comfortable setting, a patient facilitator and delicious coffee! The energy that develops in the room every weekend really is magical, and the opportunity to share with other writers and hear their responses has been very encouraging and inspiring. Whatever your writing style, this is the workshop for you!
— Vanessa, Birds of a Feather Spring 2016
Admittedly, I felt a little anxious at my first workshop. Reading my writing aloud seemed scary and foreign to me, but as soon as the group started sharing while Jaclyn warmly facilitated positive feedback from everyone, I felt I was right where I should be. And wow! I couldn’t have imagined how effective this method would be for inspiring me to write. It is a fun, creative outlet that can take you just about anywhere. Couldn’t recommend this workshop enough! Jaclyn truly conveyed the feeling that everyone is a writer, and the practice can take you to new places. She was right.🙂
— Maeve, Birds of a Feather Spring 2016
This writing workshop has helped me focus as well as expand my technique... Having other writers there showed me how many unique ways there are of reading one idea. Highly recommend this course!
— Adam, Birds of a Feather Spring 2016
I really liked meeting weekly with other writers — it helps a lot.
— Catherine, Birds of a Feather Spring 2016
This was an amazing course. I have little experience with creative writing, and yet I was comfortable with every aspect. The writing prompts were wonderful. An excellent and easy way to get started, and the gentle feedback was so encouraging.
— Rick, Birds of a Feather Winter 2016
Nest & Story is exactly that — a warm weekly home where your stories can hatch and take flight. Very much enjoyed.
— Jody, Birds of a Feather Winter 2016
Jaclyn is the mentor and guide to help an unsure, reluctant or procrastinating writer (a.k.a. me) to take the leap. She’s funny, gentle, and gets you to take action. Trust her and her process — you’ll be thankful you did.
— Sunita, Birds of a Feather Winter 2016
I am so happy that I signed up for this workshop. Jaclyn was an excellent facilitator — I could not have reached my writing self again without her help.
— Deane, Birds of a Feather Winter 2016
Birds of a Feather was my first writing workshop, and I can’t think of a better place to start. Jaclyn runs a careful, thoughtful class. She skillfully creates a writing environment that is kind, generous and supportive. As a facilitator, Jaclyn is able to guide us through writing assignments that vary from deep to playful, and she does a brilliant job of helping the group to maintain boundaries and to give helpful feedback to each other. Birds of a Feather brought together a fantastic and diverse group of both new and more experienced writers to learn together every Sunday morning. The class was a highlight of my week, and I couldn’t recommend it more highly. It has helped to solidify and support my writing voice, and I am hugely grateful to Jaclyn for this.
— Nadya, Birds of a Feather Winter 2016
Amazing! Lovely! You are in your element, Jaclyn!
— Lisa, Birds of a Feather Winter 2016
Fun, friendly workshop. It was interesting to write using your senses. We literally used touch and smell and visualization. The environment was safe, so it was okay to be vulnerable. This was my first time doing anything like this, and I would definitely do it again.
— Vanessa, Writing Through The Senses Summer 2016
This is completely different from any writing class I’ve taken. I liked the focus on the positive and the strong.
— Maria, Writing From The Senses Winter 2017
I thoroughly recommend this course! Expertly run, and nurturing. There are no wrong answers, and comments are all positive and encouraging. Prompts are challenging and ask us to stretch ourselves.
— Rick, Writing From The Senses Winter 2017
Warm, welcoming, encouraging environment. The prompts were diverse and helpful. A great group of writers.
— Laura, Writing From The Senses Winter 2017
This sanctuary was just that — a warm and safe space to create and share... Jaclyn is welcoming and kind, and creates a beautiful energy with her positivity. I will come back to the sanctuary time and time again!
— Chelsey, Urban Writing Sanctuary January 2017
I don’t often get a chance to write — life finds a way of stopping creative juices from flowing. Listening to other writers, stories and perspectives truly helped me to start again and get back on track with a hobby that I love. Thank you!
— Heather, Urban Writing Sanctuary January 2017
I loved the positive feedback and the sharing of stories. I felt so inspired and ready to write. The prompts were very helpful and I amazed myself at what they led me to create.
— Lori, Urban Writing Sanctuary January 2017
Today has been a beacon of light in the snowy, rainy semi-darkness. I feel reinvigorated and encouraged, and so lucky to have had the chance to spend the day this way.
— Vanessa, Urban Writing Sanctuary January 2017