Bare: A Bodyful Writing Workshop


Bare: A Bodyful Writing Workshop

from 60.00

Toronto workshops are back! Bare is a small creative writing workshop devoted to writing from the body. Drawing upon archetypal imagery in fairy tales and our own sensory experiences, we’ll read, write and edit together with the shared intention of bringing vibrant physicality to each line.


If you’ve taken one of my workshops before, you’ve probably heard me talk about writing from the body — using our physical senses to craft passages that deeply resonate with readers. In this workshop, we’re going to dive even further into bodyful writing.

Over the course of six Tuesday evenings together in downtown Toronto, we’ll start each session by reading a fairy tale that focuses, symbolically and archetypally, on a particular body part. We’ll use that fairy tale as a prompt to do some of our own on-the-spot writing. Finally, we’ll do manuscript review, reading and discussing excerpts from pieces participants bring from home. Manuscript review will focus on writing from the body, not the conscious mind: cutting all but the most necessary exposition and infusing each line with raw, vibrant physicality.

This workshop is open to all genres and to writers of all stripes, no experience required. You can sign up for individual sessions ($60 + HST each) or all six for $300 +HST.

Read love letters from past workshop participants here.

Date: Tuesday, February 19
Theme: Mouth
Fairy Tale: Toads & Diamonds

Date: Tuesday, March 5
Theme: Feet
Fairy Tale: The Red Shoes

Date: Tuesday, March 19
Theme: Hands
Fairy Tale: The Girl Without Hands

Date: Tuesday, April 9
Theme: Hair
Fairy Tale: Rapunzel

Date: Tuesday, April 23
Theme: Stomach
Fairy Tale: Tricking The Witch

Date: Tuesday, April 30
Theme: Legs
Fairy Tale: The Little Mermaid

When: An irregular series of Tuesday evenings (see dates above) from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Where: PEN Canada’s office at 401 Richmond St. W., Suite 258, Toronto ON M5V 3A8

Moolah: $60 + HST for each individual workshop, or sign up for all six for only $300 + HST.

Light snacks and bevvies will be provided, but please plan to eat dinner before or after the workshop. Please register early — only five spaces available per session.